SOLETEX KS 047-PES-Zumba Backlit tekstilė

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SOLETEX (digital printing textiles)
The product is ZUMBA which is also called KS 047. Zumba is %100 Polyester, knitted backlite fabric for light weight solution. The coating side allows the light to be distributed evenly and it gives superior printed results on the fabric. This fabric can strech comparing with other fabrics in order to fit into the frames easyly. It is mainly made for UV and Latex printing. The weight of KS 047 is (160 gr per sqm) and its maximum width is (310 cm ).


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Article- No KS 047 – PES – ZUMBA BACKLIT
Application Backlit / Lightbox / Aluminum Frame System
Printable Ink Treatment applied for Latex, Uv-Curable
Material 100 % Polyester
Standart Sizes App. 103cm, 155cm, 310 cm (40″, 61″, 122″) x 50mt. (54 yrd.)
Weight 160 ( g/m2 )+- 5(gr) (5,6 oz)
Finishing Digital Coating
Packaging 3″ paper core, wrapped with stretch film + put in a cardboard box
The front face of the fabric is coated to enable to have vivid colors and good printing quality with LATEX & UV inks. (Test printing is suggested before the printing job.)